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Our mission is to assist departments of education, DoDEA Chain of Command, educator preparation programs, school districts, and youth-oriented organizations in deeply understanding their unique position as child's champions to have enormous impact on the lives of children in and beyond the classroom.

Adults need more support to impact children.

Adults are working hard to impact the lives of children in and beyond the classroom, but adults can feel that it's still not enough. The 5DMasonmodel™, an adult impact framework, was designed to celebrate, support, and further inform practice through the five research-based domains composed of:
  • Domain 1 Minds 
  • Domain 2 Academics 
  • Domain 3 Systems 
  • Domain 4 Opportunities ​
  • ​Domain 5 Networks 

imagine this!

Imagine an expert in the field of education that understands the demands of working with youth today - delivering an inspiring keynote, an engaging professional development, or an impactful book where adults are celebrated and deeply understanding their impact on children. Senior leaders, such as superintendents, educator preparation program administrators, and DoDEA Chain of Command would have more time to dedicate to the large vision. Teachers, social workers, counselors, and other adults would have more time to support children and families. Imagine these results:
  • ​Improved Climate and Culture 
  • ​Decreased Staff Turnover Rate 
  • ​Increased Student Achievement 
  • ​Increase Organizational-Wide Efficacy
  • Strengthen Community and Family Engagement

Our Goal & Our offerings

The goal is to support adults in deeply understanding the measurable impact they can have on the lives of children through the introduction and application of the 5DMasonmodel™, the adult impact framework.

Keynote Customized 60 minutes, 45 minutes, or 30 minutes inspiring keynote address! Pairs well with a book signing.

Professional Development Full or half day of highly engaged learning and application! Pairs well with the book being used as a guide during learning.

Book Celebrate, support, and inform on research-based, best practices with the 5.5 x 8.5, 206 pages, black and white impactful book - features 40 child's champions illustrations! Excellent gift to give to all adults on the team.

Consultancy Complimentary expert consultation available with the above offerings. Additional consultancy available as a standalone service.

Evidence-based, Cares Act, ESSER, ARP, GEER, Direct Instruction, Title I Funds, and General Allowable.

Inspiring Keynote

 Engaging Professional Development


tHe 5DMasonmodel™,  
Adult IMpact framework

  • Conceptualized and designed by Dr. Mason, education expert
  • CEO of global speaker and consultancy firm for educators & women
  • Combined 25 years P-20 principal and leadership experience 
  •  International experiences with diverse client relationships
  • Visit www.DrPatreseAMason.com to learn more. 

Praise for the Keynote, PD, the Book!

What others are saying!
"Must-Have for Educators!"
"Whether you are a teacher, principal, superintendent, social worker, school counselor, policymaker, pastor, or community leader, this book is for you." 

- Dr. David De Jong, Associate Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership; 
President of the International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership, 
South Dakota, USA
"Every School Needs This!"
"Every school needs this. I am personally moved to action after experiencing the Child's Champion 5DMASONMODEL™ professional development."

- Veronica Gerald, CEO, New Teacher Support Center, LLC, Maryland, USA 
“Courage to Stand In Values!”
“Dr. Mason provided me with encouragement to speak up and share my gifts with others! She is such an inspiration!”

-Melinda VanKirk, CEO, Melinda VanKirk Wellness Holistic Health and Healing, Ohio, USA 
"Challenged us to think outside the box and have the tough conversations to be more productive." 
- Ms. Lina Lopez, Head Start Director, Community Action Agency

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