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Child's Champion 5DMASONMODEL™ Ecosystem 

Our mission is to support Superintendents, State and University Educator Preparation Program Administrators, and DoDEA Chain of Command to develop champions for children committed to building hope, belonging, and relationships through a proprietary wellbeing-for-all approach that cultivates culture and school capacity to enable every child's access to positive learning outcomes.

staff and students need 
more Support to be most successful.

Adults are working hard to provide children and families with what they need, including a sense of hope and belonging. Yet, adults often feel as though they are not doing enough. A turn-key, comprehensive, wellbeing approach that cares about the adult and child is achieving results across the continents. The five domains are MINDS, ACADEMICS, SYSTEMS, OPPORTUNITY, and NETWORKS. The tenets are inclusive of:

  • Building School Capacity
  • Culturally Responsive 
  • Educational Equity Based
  • Restorative Practices
  • ​Social-Emotional Learning
  • ​Trauma-Informed Practices
  • ​Whole-Child Learning

imagine this!

Imagine quality turn-key professional development designed by an expert who understands the demands 
of today's educators. Superintendents, State and University Educator Preparation Program Administrators, and the DoDEA Chain of Command would have more time to focus on the large vision. Principals, Teachers, Social Workers, and Counselors could support more students and families. The organization would be positioned to enable every child's access to positive learning outcomes. Now,  imagine these results:
  • ​Decrease Staff Turnover
  • ​Increase Student Achievement
  • ​Improve School Climate and Culture
  • ​Increase Organizational-Wide Efficacy
  • Elevate Relationships with Students and Families 
  • ​Aligns Mission and Goals to Practice and Evidence

Our Goal and how it works

Our goal is to impact the lives of children and thus, families by increasing school capacity through developing educators utilizing the Child's Champion 5DMasonmodel™ Ecosystem.

The three-level virtual or hybird professional development is Community, Coaching, Capacity to Engage, Implement, and Sustain. We focus on educator development to impact the maximum number of students and families. 

Level One Bronze is an independent starting point. Engage the team by accessing the How To Be A Child's Champion: Feel, Inspire, Change the World Now as your guide. The interactive assessment tracks growth and you 
get access to an exclusive Facebook group of global researchers and educators.

Level Two Silver will provide Level 1 plus expert coaching and facilitation to implement the five domains discovered in the book. CEUs are available at this level, autographed books, and staff swag that make new 
learning fun along the way! 

Level Three Gold is composed of Level 1, and Level 2 plus a consultation with leadership to build sustainable capacity; Celebrate and showcase your evidence with a keynote address, and receive your 
Child's Champion 5DMasonmodel™ Ecosystem.

Evidence-based and Cares Act, ESSER, ARP, GEER, Direct Instruction, Title I Funds, and General Allowable.

Community To Engage: BRONZE Level 1

  • Team Engages using Book, Without Expert
  • ​Access to 7-Part Interactive Assessment 
  • Access to FB Community of Global Best Practices 

Coaching To implement:
 Silver level 2

  • Level 1 + Led by Expert Coaching & Facilitation 
  • 2 - 5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available
  • Autographed Books and ​Staff Swag 

capacity to Sustain: 
Gold Level 3

  • Level 1, Level 2  + Leader Capacity Consultation
  • Keynote Address of Hope & Belonging for Everyone
  • ​Showcase Evidence, C4C 5DMasonmodel™ Award

 We treat our clients Like family 
and they experience generational transformation. 

  • Developer Dr. Patrese A. Mason is known in the education and business industry as The Superintendents' Chief Consultant™
  • CEO of an educational consultancy, women's coaching, and keynote speaker service firm
  • 25 years of principal and leadership experience across the P-20 spectrum, in urban, suburban, and rural school districts
  • ​International experiences with diverse client relationships; Passionate, personable, and innovative with 100% results
  • Visit www.DrPatreseAMason.com to learn more. We only work with clients who place kids first and who create results . 

become a champion for children

What others are saying about the How To Be A Child's Champion: Feel, Inspire, Change the World Now?
"Must-Have for Educators!"
"Whether you are a teacher, principal, superintendent, social worker, school counselor, policymaker, pastor, or community leader, this book is for you." 

- Dr. David De Jong, Associate Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership; 
President of the International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership, 
South Dakota, USA
"Every School Needs This!"
"Every school needs this. I am personally moved to action after experiencing the Child's Champion 5DMASONMODEL™ professional development."

- Veronica Gerald, CEO, New Teacher Support Center, LLC, Maryland, USA 
“Courage to Stand In Values!”
“Dr. Mason provided me with encouragement to speak up and share my gifts with others! She is such an inspiration!”

-Melinda VanKirk, CEO, Melinda VanKirk Wellness Holistic Health and Healing, Ohio, USA 
"Challenged us to think outside the box and have the tough conversations to be more productive." 
- Ms. Lina Lopez, Head Start Director, Community Action Agency

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